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Top Niche To Select For Your Blog And How To Monetize/Earn Money From It

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 Niche is the particularly focused topic which you want to blog about.

That understood, the major problem most aspiring bloggers face is choosing a suitable niche. There are thousands of self-acclaimed bloggers in Nigeria but 99% of them are not focused. Everybody wants to blog about news and entertainment or just any topic that comes their way. Entertainment is not the only niche, there are lots of profitable niches you can choose from. I made your search simple by listing some below.

A little warning: Before choosing a niche, you must be interested in the topic (passion) and know much about it and/or be ready to learn.
Every thing you need to know about Niche and how to choose the best for your blog have been covered in this article - WHAT IS NICHE?

Check out the niches below and find the one that interests you. Be consistent in any niche you have chosen so that your blog can standout from other blogs.

Health is one of the most profitable niche on the internet. Even though you must not be a medical doctor to start a health blog, you should at least have little knowledge about health and be ready to do a thorough reading and research.

There are other sub-niche under the health niche you can blog about:
*. Weight loss and fitness
*. Infertility
*. Men’s Health
*. Women’s Health
*. Herbal/Natural Health
*. Food and Nutrition
*. Fitness and Exercise

How to Monetize your blog on Health Niche
Affiliate marketing, paid reviews (of health products), Google Adsense, Advertisement, sponsored posts etc.

Technology is another good niche for tech freak and tech lovers.
Technology is rapidly changing the global market at the speed of light. By giving useful information about latest gadget and latest tech tips, this niche can help for those who really want to know about the latest innovations occurring in the digital world. Tech is also a high paying niche in the internet. There are various ways you can generate contents for this niche which are listed below (sub category):

*. Latest arrivals (what are the latest cell phones/smart phones available, which smart phone is the new trend etc.)
*. Reviews and specs (what features should you go for, what brand provides a better experience, etc).
*. Operating software (iOS or Android, which offers more features, better user interface, updates and improved features)
*. Applications (how to’s, highest rated apps, favorite apps, the most trending apps, purchasing app features, customization apps, hot favorite games, photography and utility apps, music & video apps)
*. Wallpapers (Cool wallpapers, creating your own themes, free android themes, favorite and trending wallpapers, backgrounds etc.)
*. Cell phone accessories (Cell phones accessories, their prices, car cellphone accessories, chargers/battery replacement solutions, what are the most convenient and quality ear phones)
*. Used Cell phones (sale and purchase of used cell phones, prices of used cell phones, depreciation values, demand, condition etc.)
*. Technology news

How to Monetize your Tech Niche Blog
Affiliate marketing, paid reviews, Google Adsense, Advertisement, sponsored posts, etc.

Thousands of students join the “admission queue” every year. Those seeking admission make use of the internet to get useful information about their dream school or the institution that will be perfect for them, while the undergraduates uses the internet for research, projects, assignment and the likes. If you are a student you’ll know how important the internet is.

If you are a student or a graduate, with the plan to start your own blog, you can start a blog on this niche and see how it goes.

Post ideas or sub-niche you can choose from:
*. Educational institutes (rankings of schools, colleges and universities, educational history and reputation of institutes, what institute should your children go to, affordable institutes etc.)
*. Blog about your own school
*. Authors/publications (finest publications, well reputed and skilled authors, books and publications worth reading, best helping books and guides)
*. Exam preparation (How to prepare for examinations, effective techniques, how to create efficient study schedules)
*. Extra tuition (Where to get tuition from, how to study after school/university, self-studying and group studying techniques)
*. Project and Research

How to Monetize an Education Niche Blog
Write ebooks, teaching program, Sell past questions and answers, Sell services (Hire Me) Google Adsense, Advertisement, Donations, etc.

It is not a bad idea to start blogging about the religion you follow. What ever may be your religion, you have the freedom to express your views about it.

Google Adsense, Advertisement, Donations, etc

Are you a parent and you like writing? Whether you are a mother or a father, why not try writing a parenting blog.

Topics in this niche includes:
*. Child safety
*. Child health
*. Nutrition
*. Discipline,
*. Pregnancy… etc.

Write ebooks, Hardcover books Teaching program/Seminar, Sell your own products, Google Adsense, Advertisement, Donations etc

We are in the modern world, most of the time we hardly have the time going through big novels, but most people have the time to go through short stories especially when it is accessible online.

If you are good in writing fictional stories, it will be a good idea to start a blog with the collections of your short stories and keep people glued to your blog to read your stories (if they are interesting enough).

Believe me, if you write well (interesting stories) you’ll definitely gather “a bunch” of loyal readers to your blog. I believe you know how important traffic is to the success of a blog.

Tips: Be real, be humorous, make use of suspence.

How to Monetize your Story Writing Niche Blog
Sell the ebook format of your stories, Sell hard cover books, Google Adsense, Membership, Advertisement, Donations, etc.

You can start a music dedicated blog. A blog just about music. As with all other niches listed here, you must know a lot about music or your chosen niche to make your blog stand out.

Sub-niches you can choose from
*. Lyrics.
*. Reviews of New singles/album.
*. Latest release info and download.
*. Awards… etc.

Music promotion for upcoming artists, Google Adsense, Advertisement, sponsored posts, etc.

Other Interesting Blog Niches
*. Business (career & jobs, Entrepreneurship)
*. Relationship (Dating, Family)
*. Travel (City Guides, Holiday/Vacation, Destination)
*. Celebrity Gossip
*. Fashion
*. Movies

I hope you gain something from this, #TeamNC wish you success with your respective blog.
Admin, Africa Fastest Growing Community.