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Are You Burnt Out With No Where To Turn To Or Just Simply Depressed?

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TeHN is giving you the chance to download free copies of an e-book from this wonderful author who decided to share her experiences for the sole purpose of lending a voice to those that may be suffering in silence.

The book is available to download for the next 3 days only!

Dr Vivian Nkem's words:

As I continue to lend my voice to the cause to create public awareness of depression and help people, I am this period putting my money where my heart is, and giving my book “Shadows in the mirror - the many faces of depression” for FREE DOWNLOAD on KINDLE for 3 days, starting today. I will also be giving away 5 free paperback copies in the coming weeks, but need to work out the logistics of how to choose winners - If you have any ideas please let me know.

Recent events in the news remind me of why I wrote the book in the first place - and it is my greatest desire to eradicate ignorance around the issue, give hope to people, and save lives.

At the time I experienced it personally, I was clueless.. But little did i know how so many people are suffering, and some don’t have a name for their predicament, or even know where to turn for help………

*Depression is one of those things some people think happens only to white people…. But no! Black, or white, Yellow or orange, all races are affected

*It is one of those things people belittle saying “ oh smile, and snap out it”…. But actually depression is that serious, it has been forecasted by WHO to be the 2nd leading cause of death and disability by 2020 only after coronary heart disease (Not HIV, Cancer, diabetes etc…)… now thats less than 4 years away!

*It is one of those things some people assume happens to only a class of people, “the weak”... But actually, depression can happen to anyone, and infact it is the strong that are most prone to depression

*It is one of those things people think can be avoided if you have $1 million dollars maybe… But truth is, depression does not resect your bank account. Rich or poor, different factors can cause depression, and man, woman, boy or girl, depression does not respect who you are.

*It is one of those things than can lead to suicide, but some people will call the person "selfish for killing themselves” and say black people don’t commit suicide…. But truth is of the 800,000 suicides annually, 75% occur in the developing world like Nigeria (WHO statistics), and people that attempt suicide are actually looking for a means of escape from the depressive feelings they experience. Many of them don’t really want to die.

I could go on and on….

We can all do well to take mental health more seriously and look after our mental wellbeing (which most of us ignore) so as to help prevent depression… But truth is ..

If you are suffering, please don’t suffer in silence. SEEK HELP.

Depression respects no one. It kills. It is painful, but it is also treatable - earlier rather than later for the sake of “life”.

It is time we all get educated, and I am doing my bit to do something about it. What about you?

Please CLICK on the link and DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY TODAY … And please don’t keep it to yourself. SHARE THIS and join me in raising awareness - Free book offer ends on 5 May 2016.

#Depression #Shadowsinthemirror #Hope #mentalhealth

Depression is not weakness...seeking help is a sign of strength

Source: [http://www.vivianikem.com/shadows-in-the-mirror/]
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